RECIPE Raw vegan sugar & gluten free mango date caramel pies

I never ever write wrote down  recipes, as I love to create all in the flow and just go by taste and feeling…  But somehow I am -finally?– getting into the habit of writing my creations down bit by bit, since I am getting more and more invites to give workshops, to pass on my tips and tricks in the (raw) vegan kitchen.

Which is fun, becauseI love sharing my passion and YES you TOTALLY can create tastebudsblowing food from plants; such an abundance of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and flowers around!

The first one I’m posting is one of my most loved pies, hope you enjoy making -and gulping them up- just as much as I do!19510113_1732960373399888_6828349579019824261_n

Love, Linda



12 mini pies(in muffin tin) or one big pie with 12 slices

Soft dates 500 gram

Glutenfree oatmeal 200 gram

lemon 1 whole ones- using zest and juice so use organic 

Celtic seasalt 1 tablespoon 

vanilla 1 bean or one teaspoon of vanilla powder

coconut oil 300 gram (softened)

water 100 gram 

psylium husk 1 1/2 tablespoon

Mango 2 whole ones, flesh cubed



Soft dates 250 gram

Oatmeal 200 gram

lemon zest halve a lemon 

celtic seasalt 1 teaspoon


  • process oatmeal till fine in a blender or food processor
  • add the oatmeal “flour” to a large bowl
  • add in the rest of the ingredients and kneed till you have an even doughy consistency
  • voila, base done. 

Mini pies in muffintin

  • make sure you coat your muffin tins with thin stripes op baking paper so you can easily lift them out later
  • Divide dough into 12 little bals en press them down in the muffin tins evenly

One Big pie

  • If using a big pie pan dust the bottom with some extra oatmeal or oatmeal flour to prevent from sticking
  • press down the dough evenly 



Soft dates 250 gram

vanilla 1/2 bean or halve a teaspoon of vanilla powder

coconut oil 125 gram (softened)

water 100 gram 

psylium husk 1/2 tablespoon

celtic seasalt 1/2 tablespoon 


  • add all ingredients except psylium in a food processor -or even better, in a high speed blender – and blend till smooth, 
  • add in the psilium and blend till incorporated well
  • divide over the 12 mini pies, or even out one layer when using a big pie pan.


Mango 2 whole ones, flesh cubed

Lemon zest of 1 lemon and juice of 2 

coconut oil 175 grams (softened)

psylium husk 1 tablespoon 

vanilla 1/2 bean or halve a teaspoon of vanilla powder

  • Add all ingredients in blender or food processor and blend till super smooth.

*make sure ingredients are sort of the same temperature, as the coconut oil stiffens up (too) fast if you add in very cold mango pieces

  • let the mixture slowly cool in the fridge, stir every 3 minutes for about 3x
  • when firm enough to pipe, put the mixture in a piping bag and create a beautiful frosting.
  • If low on time or faith, omit the slow cooling process and pour the mixture straight from the blender over the pie(s)
  • decorate with wildflowers, coconut slivers or anything else that has your fancy
  • refrigerate for about 1,5 ours
  • Enjoy & share your masterpieces 

Superfoodflowers, wild and free

A little dose of wild flowers calling my name.

I have been diving deep into the city again, the city of covering up my pain with all that can hold me down yet the flowers whisper.

They whisper, remember me?

Flowering flowers are the remembrance, guiding and showing me;

What will be will be, be flexible, don’t mind the wind.
Welcome the rain it will make you grow.
yes you will die but not really real, as my petals hit the ground I am as I ever was, so clearly part of it all.

Today I made a tea with these beautiful Roberts herb, which I am sipping on this very minute.

Herb robert is one of the wild growing superfoods around I am loving at the moment. It really does call my name, which isn’t a big surprise since I haven’t been feeling too healthy lately, being back in the city with all these fumes…

This miraculous plant ,used for ages by the monks as medicine for the people,
contains germanium, an antioxidant that holds the ability to make oxygen more available for our cells. More oxygen in turn helps our body to fight of invaders like viruses and pollution on it’s own powers, quickly and easily, naturally!

It is a pretty plant, with a fragrance that is hard to forget, it has purply stems, furry buds and delicately cute little pink flowers.

Try it as an immune boosting tea, or chop some leaves trough your salad or smoothie, decorate your cake with Robert flowers, and enjoy it’s taste and the benefits that reach far beyond.

Nature is brilliant, let us enjoy!

Talk to the God

I know it might sound  kinda crazy but it doesn’t make it less true.

ohmygod-dribbble.gifI had my first God experience at the early age of 8 years old. Whenever I would be in bed I would say my prayers, for all the people in war, for all the people in pain, for all the people that were sick, for my mom, dad and all my beloved plastic ponies. I prayed and asked a lot from God.

So then I felt sorry for God, all of these people all over this world asking God for all of these things The man must be tired, exhausted and way to busy to ever ask something for himself. So I said a little prayer for him. What happened next blew my eight year old mind.

The exact second when I prayed this prayerful God, I saw a hand, covered in white light. He was gently laying his hand on my shoulder, like a father would. I was not afraid, it felt soft, loving yet very powerful.

This experience stayed with me, yet I hid this experience from my friends and family, for not to let them think I was any weirder than I already was. I told myself I probably imagined it myself. Yet after that very day, I started praying for God every single day there on after, but now for a whole other reason;to see his hand again. I never saw or felt it again.

I have been interested in Christianity, visited several different churches yet did never find my groove in it. I did not understand the bible, why God was this cruel?, it didn’t feel right to me. And the answers I got as: “this are the mysteries of religion” never came close to satisfying my questions.

As a God that uses cruelty to get rid of cruelty made and still makes no sense to me and I could also not believe people who do good things all of their life and do not believe in God can ever go to hell.

So somehow, despite my own grand memory as an eight year old, I decided:
God does not exist.

Life went on and I started to suffer. I found myself in a deep dark cloud of depression for about 10 years till something remarkable happened to me, again.



I learned in therapy that writing could be a good idea, getting all of my emotions out there, on paper, made me feel like I had less of heavy emotions to carry with me. I had a lot of questions, like would I ever get better, why is life so fucked up? And why does it all hurt so damn much? little did I know or expect, something would write me back.


This was a very surreal experience the first time around, like my hand got taken over and the words just poured on out. No matter how crap I felt and how much I cursed at life on paper, something would write to me that it would all be Ok, I would get trough this and I was loved, for all in eternity.

I just wrote it off as an illusion, yet it happened to me again, and again and again…

It is only now, about four years later since this started happening to me, that I actually dare to write about it, out loud.

Call him God or call her Love, it is all the same, yet it is always here, for all of us. Always leading us back to the path, the path of love, the path of forgiveness, the path of reality behind the thick cloud of illusions this world is currently covered in.

And so I learned, God is not cruel, he is LOVE, and he is not truly a he but something combining feminine and masculine energy, as he/she is one, beyond the duality of this world.

If we dare to truly listen, Love will show us, again and again, there is no thing to fear. There are no laws we have to abide but Gods’, and Gods laws are endlessly beautiful. What you give out, will come back to you and what you teach, you will learn.

No matter how many times you forget the path to him, love will always lead you back.

Dare. Listen. Share. Receive.

It is time to live in peace,

with God,


PS. I do not think I am anything special for talking to God, as I deeply believe all of us can if we truly want to. He is always here and will be happy to talk to you, help you and support you. No matter where, no matter when. Ask and God will answer, with Love. And he/she might not always answer in words or vision; intuition or inspiration might “just” be another way God is talking to you,…

Love her but keep her wild

Sharing my truth and start living it… It’s been a long road and the closer I get the harsher the challenges I seem to face on this road! The pain, judgement and resentment this evokes in people so dear to me definately hurt me, but it’s come to a point that not living my truth is simply not an option anymore.

Slowly but surely we are breaking free of the emotional bondage so many women are still living in today, cause we apparantly still need to worry that we have to choose between being heard and being loved. That this is finally shifting, that more and more woman are starting to rise, sharing their truth, despite harsh opposition, and all over this planet, is incredibly inspiring to me…

We are here to be heard, not just to be pretty, we are here to make a big ass contribution to the healing of our world and the world needs us more now than ever to stand up and speak.

RISE and speak on the behalve of love. It’s all we need to turn this world around…

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Love the world into a better place


Love: all we ever were, all we ever wanted, all we need to get back to!

What we focus on grows.

Like hate will only result in  more hate,

Loving only creates more love…

We can’t go to war and expect peace!
It’s simply not how our world works…
Makes sense doesn’t it?

Why is it than that we still sabotage ourselves, every single day?! That we bash ourselves. Put ourselves down and talk badly about and to ourselves?! Self hate is everywhere. It’s socially accepted or worse, expected, nowadays.

While all we actually ALL truly want is love. Notice the (major) contradiction here? We are sabotaging ourselves majorly by hating on ourselves as much as we tend to.

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Do you dare to go bare?

Dare to go bare – The day I decided to stop wearing make-upIMG_20140607_085816(1)

A glorious day. One of those decisions that has given me so much freedom and pleasure, I can’t help but share!

Putting on make-up a really strange habit once you honestly stop and think about it for a sec. You are putting paint on your face. Every-single-day. It costs not only loads of precious time, also money money and even causes more stress on the importance of outer appearance, but have we ever stopped and thought about why we actually do this, to ourselves???…

The message that women are “supposed” to wear make-up is repeated every single day, multiple times a day by the television shows we watch, the magazines we read, the add campaigns we see on the streets. And with any message,  repeated time after time, we start to believe and stop questioning it.

“Who controls the message, controls the world. “

The message we “must” wear make-up to look good (or even presentable)  is being spread everywhere  and what the message actually is this: “you are not beautiful enough the way you are. You need to put on some paint to hide your face and to make you look  more attractive, or worse yet, socially accepted”. The main reason why this message is here is quite obvious. “Beauty” companies keep us insecure to sell us more. They promote an appearance that isn’t even humanly possible, to assure sales even to the mostnaturally gorgeous woman on this planet. Simple yet mindblowingly crazy as that.

“They tell us we are ugly to sell us shit”

To me, this is absolutely ridiculous. I did not feel like  cooperating in this madness any longer so I started wearing less and less make-up till one day I just stopped… I don’t feel like spending my money, time and effort in something as ridiculous as hiding my face to look “socially acceptable”. And may you think I am too ugly to look at without my face paint, please feel free to look the other way :) !

Read on to find out:
* Six very good reasons to  stop wearing make-up.
* How to feel more gorgeous, without a speck of make-up!
* Some before pics of me in full make-up for your entertainment (& my embaressment;))

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Eating healthy – mindblowingly simple, naturally!

“I do not know what to eat anymore, everything in the supermarket seems to be bad for your health nowaday’s.” The one comment I always get from people when I tell them I am studying integrative nutrition. I do not blame you for thinking this way since every morsel of food in the supermarket seems to be linked to soIMG_20140607_090738(2)me kind of health scandal. With so much negative attention around food it is not strange  people started thinking this way; food makes us fat,the negative meessages are everywhere; food is full of chemicals, food is full of growth hormones, E-numbers, ecoli bacteria and the list goes on and on and on…

If you are one of those people, not to worry, just keep reading… The sollution to your problem is mindblowingly simple, naturally!

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