Eating healthy – mindblowingly simple, naturally!

“I do not know what to eat anymore, everything in the supermarket seems to be bad for your health nowaday’s.” The one comment I always get from people when I tell them I am studying integrative nutrition. I do not blame you for thinking this way since every morsel of food in the supermarket seems to be linked to soIMG_20140607_090738(2)me kind of health scandal. With so much negative attention around food it is not strange  people started thinking this way; food makes us fat,the negative meessages are everywhere; food is full of chemicals, food is full of growth hormones, E-numbers, ecoli bacteria and the list goes on and on and on…

If you are one of those people, not to worry, just keep reading… The sollution to your problem is mindblowingly simple, naturally!

Eating healthy is not hard it is actually mindlowingly simple Far simpler than you have been led to believe. No, you don’t need  to hire a nutritionist(ha, way to sell myself no?) what you need to do is the following:
1.Stop believing & start questioning what messages the major food companies are feeding you (pun intended)
2. Eat whole foods as created by nature 


We, human beings, are very good in over-complicating just about everything. This is excactly what happened to choosing what to eat. We used to be fine. We used to pick our foods based on availability, which made us naturally choose for local and what was in season, and ofcourse all organic, like nature provided. Then we would combine these simple, whole, nutricious foods and make a meal out of it. But, with our tendency to overcomplicate we have moved far from this .  The sollution to our “I-don’t-know-what-to-eat-problem” however is so freakishly simple it’s hard to believe this isn’t common sense yet;  Whole foods, as created by nature, thus mostly local, seasonal and organic. Eat what nature provides and you can’t help but become healthy, naturally!

Step 1 – Question what the media and major food companies are feeding you

With an average of 10,5 hours of media per day (wowzers) this can be tricky. When you see a message repeated again and again you start seeing it as the thruth, it is just how the mind works. Break free from this every now and again, and dare to question the ideas they are selling you.

Does it make more sense to eat a mars bar when offered to you at work?
(with ingredients from different countries, added chemicals, processed sugars, dried milk from another animals tit,  shipped across the world, produced in a factory, packaged in plastic, with side effects being damaging your own health and the heath of our beloved earth)
or to kindly decline and eat an organic local apple instead?
(grown locally, only one ingredient, good for individual health and the health of the earth)

The funny thing is, I am often being mocked for choosing the latter. While actually, it makes a hell of a lot more sense if you would really think it trough now doesn’t it?

What is also funny is this; Food companies know that you want to be healthy and happy and be happy to cash into this need. They do this by sticking labels on lollipops, claiming they are “fatfree”. While this is true, this ofcourse is VERY misleading.

Same goes for the addition of ingredients. There was a cereal brand that promoted their product to have “added iron”. When they invested, they found very small actual pieces of iron present in this cereal. While again, it is true that this product contained iron, our bodies can not absorb iron in it’s vast from, it will however, mess with your digestive system.

The number one tip I would like to give you on this is: STOP buying anything with a health claim on it. It are highly processed foods that has been messed with to a great extent, all just to sell more of this product, NOT to make it more healthy for you.

The big food companies don’t necceserily wants to make you happy nor healthy. Media, advertisement & food companies  have one major motive:  to be wealthy!  The opposit is true for nature. Nature provides. No ulterior motives rather than making it easy for you and the world to be and stay healthy and happy, naturally!

Step 2 –  Simplify instead of complicate – Eat foods as nature intended: Whole foods

What are whole foods?

-Food that doesn’t need a health claim for you to know it’s good for you

-Food your grandmother would recognise as food

-Food that only consists of one ingredient

-Food that is designed by nature instead of in a factory

– foods that will add to your health and hapiness, naturally!


I am not here to make you go vegan, or vegetarian, paleo, micro-biotic, raw or ayurvedic. During my studies I have covered all of these (and so many more) diets. While they do not agree on all area’s, all long-term succesfull diets have one crucial element in common: whole foods.

(Actually, whole foods should just be simply named “food”. Today, it needs an adjective because we have been calling “”foodlike chemicalised proccessed substances” food, while actually, the latter really aren’t worthy of that name…)

Why whole foods?

Whole foods are (even) more than a sum of it’s part. All whole foods offer a wide range of vitamins & minerals which are all contributing to keeping you in tiptop shape and health! there is a lot of research put into this but there are still many new nutrients discovered But there is more, wholefoods are all designed so brilliantly that they contain unique combinations of nutrients that actually work together and enhance each other!

We have made the mistake to think about food as isolated nutrients. This thinking is screwed. Cause, as I just mentioned, whole foods is more than sum of it’s parts. People started thinking in fats, vitamins, phytochemmicals, anti-oxidants, calories. The thing is, by over-complicating we get stuck in our minds, while the choice for the right kind of foods actually inately comes as intuitively for humans as for all other species.

What happens with this “nutrient-isolation” way of thinking is that it has made us substract specific nutrients from whole foods and add them to other foods. Which, ofcourse, is not adding the same health benefits (cause hey, whole foods is so much more than the sum of it’s parts. And yes, I will keep repeating this sentence over and over ;))

Whole foods are created by nature. We are part of nature. All animals eats and thrive on whole foods. It’s no rocket science just basic logics. We are the only species that started messing around with food. Yet, we are the only species with so many diseases on the rise. We are getting fatter, sicker and more depressed on a high rate… Let’s start connecting the dots and acknowledge this: nature knows best. Nature is what we come from, what we are made of, and therefore….should also be what we eat. Deliciously simple as that.

Whole foods diets just make a whole lot of sense. If this becomes common sense(which I am sure it will in the not so distant future, I see and feel this happening all around me) there will be a true revolution. A revolution of health and happiness. A revolution of people voting with their fork. Cause if you buy something, anything, consistantly, supply goes up to match this new demand. Deliciously simple as that!

Decide to become part of this revolution. Start eating whole foods, enjoy the health and happiness this brings you, inspire others to do the same and help shape the future of the health of humanity and our planet alike.!


Your forever idealist,




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