You are changing the world – the butterfly effect

He there,IMG_20140223_221720(1)

Yes, you read that correctly. YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD!

And before you think I have gone totally batshit crazy on you, please hear me out…

My eyes got opened to this idea about half a year ago. When I told  that what I want most in life is to be a positive influence in the world; transforming the world to be a little (or rather a lot:P) healthier and happier place for all. His response went something along the lines of  this: “You already are. “You already are changing the world. Already by just being alive, you touch so many lives; by talking, your words hold the opportunity to inspire others, by your actions, you set an example for those around you, by the things you choose to buy, you are actually creating more demand for these items, and the list goes on and on… and on!”

WOW.. ain’t that absolutely beautiful?! Not even only that. It’s so true when you stop and think about it.

All is interconnected(biophilia, once again), every single one of our actions provokes a reaction of some sorts. To change the world to be a better place, we simply have to align our actions with the reaction we like to see in the world.

And it makes sense. So much sense that this can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. Even though half a year went by without me even thinking about it, running into the same person by accident (if such a thing even exsists) sprung back these words in my mind. I now hear and receive them loud and clear. “YOU ALREADY ARE CHANGING THE WORLD” How empowering is that?!

As Anne Frank so beatifully put it: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  I feel ya, sister!

Be the change

About time to take back some control! We blame society for so many things in life, yet we often (convieniently?) forget we are part of it.  Choose positive words & actions, think about the concequences your choices may have on others and the world,  and by doing that: shape the world of tomorrow to be a better place!

Every single action we take, in every single moment of the day, we influence something or someone on this planet. It’s undeniable, incredibly simple yet very comprehensive!

No matter how unsignificant or small your action may seem to you, it matters. It adds up. And no I didn’t just make this up while writing. It’s called the butterfly effect, which has been proven again and again in different scientific studies. Plus, it just makes a hell of a lot of sense.

So smile at that stranger, help an old lady cross the street, choose to buy organic, go vegan,  seporate your trash, make sure you turn of that lamp when you leave your house, no action is to small to have a positive impact on the world!

By taking responsibility in our own actions, attitude, choices, actions and words, we acknowledge ourselves for what we truly are: CHANGING THE WORLD TO BE A BETTER PLACE!


XOXO your forever idealist,



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