True superfoods – Radishes

Local, seasonal & inexpensive superfoods – radishes

“a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.”

And what is more nutrient-rich than fresh, local, seasonal produce? Well…? NOTHING!

Let me introduce you to your new best friend(s) with loads of amazing benefits: RADISHES!

Superfoods are being  sold and marketed everywhere nowadays. Quite the hype even available at your local supermarkets! What is labelled as superfoods? Mostely powdered bits of dehydrated overpriced foods shipped from the other side of the earth. Can you tell I am not a HUGE fan of these kind of “superfoods”?

Be my guest and read why I think this way here

 Nothing more nutricious and beneficial than whole, fresh, local and seasonal produce. Like these lovely RADISHES!

Radishes have been used and recognised in different cultures as a powerfull health food since befo the Roman Empire! Nowadays, this knowledge is kinda lost and we take them for granted(if we take them at all that is;)).

Radiant in colour, lovely round shaped, with their peppery flavour, crunchy mouth feel versatile, easy on the go snack food and with a wide range of health benefits, it’s hard not to fall in love with these little fella’s.

What the radish does to your health with it’s amazing superpowers?

Makes your skin glow from within

Radishes are very high in vitamin A, also known as retinol, is one of those nutrients that is widely recognised for it’s positive effect on skin quality.  What it basically does is stimulating your skin to renew itself again & again. It’s a continious process and when stimulated will give you a clearer, more fresh & younger looking skin!

Next to this, tehy also are very high in Zinc, which interacts with vitamin A to help transportation of vitamin A in the blood. Thereby enhancing the qualities of vitamin A for fresher looking skin. Supplements given to people with acne often contain both retinol as zinc, since they work so effectively together!

Furthermore, they are high in Vitamin C which are key in the production of colagen. And collagen is what keeps our skin stay tight & wrinkle free, without the need for a facelift or botox injections!

As if that wasn’t enough; Being rich in both fiber and water, radishes will make your skin hydrated for long after eating them. And when your skin is properly hydrated it will look plumb and show less lines!

Raw radishes are, next to vitamin powerhouses, also an excellent source of important minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus,  and selenium. These minerals support lots of important functions within your body, but also aid in keeping your skin soft and supple.

Radishes also contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are important for keeping moisturized from within. So it may come as no surprise that eating these fats also helps in keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay!

In short: these little superfoods will get your skin hydrated, smooth, plumb, supple & acne free!

Will help you cool down on those hot summer days
Radishes are a naturally cooling food, by their high water content and their pungent flavor. Already used for ages in eastern medicine to decrease the buildup of excess heat in the body, especially during those warm summer months.

Side note: inflammation is also a sign of excess heat within the body. Next time you have some sort of inflammation, increase your intake of cooling foods such as these lovely radishes!

Why nature grows these babies in summer? To help you feel your best as always. Thank you nature, you are so considerate, once again!

Gives you a flat stomach
Radishes are low in calories, yet high in soluable fiber. Making you feel full longer wothout adding loads of cakories.

Furthermore, Radishes have a calming effect on the digestive system and can help relieve bloating and indigestion.


Bye bye urinairy tract infection
Are you one of those people suffering form these regurarly? There are few foods(if any) that work so well in healing urinairy tract infections as these radishes, relieving symptoms almost instantly! Why and how? Because they both cool down the inflammation, help get rid of the infection because of their high vitamin C content AND act as a diuretic simultanuously! Pretty cool stuff.

No more painful or itching insect bites

Because of their anti-pruritic properties the juice will  sooth affected skin and thereby reduce discomfort caused by insect bites.

They come in fancy different colours

Green, purple and even in black,fancy! Great way to impress guests you have over for dinner; healthy, simply, naturally!

Don’t throw away the leaves!

These levess actually contain even more Vitamin C and calcium than their pink roots! And.. you simultaneously help solving another problem: foodwaste!

They make a great facemask

Next to being good for your skin when you eat them, they are also lovely as face mask. Just smash them spread the paste/juice on your face and wait for about 10 minutes for revealing your refreshed, and extremely hydrated skin!


So have yourself some radishes, as food, medicine, facemask and/or anti-itch cream against insect bites. Food, it doesn’t get much more versatile than this. Provided to you by nature to keep you healthy and happy, naturally!

Enjoy your superfood, grab a bunch of radishes!!


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Be healthy, be happy, naturally!



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