Do you dare to go bare?

Dare to go bare – The day I decided to stop wearing make-upIMG_20140607_085816(1)

A glorious day. One of those decisions that has given me so much freedom and pleasure, I can’t help but share!

Putting on make-up a really strange habit once you honestly stop and think about it for a sec. You are putting paint on your face. Every-single-day. It costs not only loads of precious time, also money money and even causes more stress on the importance of outer appearance, but have we ever stopped and thought about why we actually do this, to ourselves???…

The message that women are “supposed” to wear make-up is repeated every single day, multiple times a day by the television shows we watch, the magazines we read, the add campaigns we see on the streets. And with any message,  repeated time after time, we start to believe and stop questioning it.

“Who controls the message, controls the world. “

The message we “must” wear make-up to look good (or even presentable)  is being spread everywhere  and what the message actually is this: “you are not beautiful enough the way you are. You need to put on some paint to hide your face and to make you look  more attractive, or worse yet, socially accepted”. The main reason why this message is here is quite obvious. “Beauty” companies keep us insecure to sell us more. They promote an appearance that isn’t even humanly possible, to assure sales even to the mostnaturally gorgeous woman on this planet. Simple yet mindblowingly crazy as that.

“They tell us we are ugly to sell us shit”

To me, this is absolutely ridiculous. I did not feel like  cooperating in this madness any longer so I started wearing less and less make-up till one day I just stopped… I don’t feel like spending my money, time and effort in something as ridiculous as hiding my face to look “socially acceptable”. And may you think I am too ugly to look at without my face paint, please feel free to look the other way :) !

Read on to find out:
* Six very good reasons to  stop wearing make-up.
* How to feel more gorgeous, without a speck of make-up!
* Some before pics of me in full make-up for your entertainment (& my embaressment;))

Six very good reasons to stop wearing make-up:

1. It is costing to much damn time. Women spend an average of 3276 hours of grooming during a lifetime! Wow, that is crazy. I know a hell of a lot of better/productive/pleasurable ways to spend my early mornings before work. Like meditating, preparing some yummy breakfast, doing some sun salutations, cuddling in bed or just plain snoozing for half an hour longer(beauty sleep, just saying..)

2. Next to time, it is also costing you a shitload of money. The average woman will spend more than 6.000  euro’s on her face in her lifetime. Say what?! And even more shockingly, this is only your face… We often have a shitload of more stuff to slap on the rest of our bodies, like parfumes, hair sprays, body lotion, anti-cellutlite cream and whatever new invention the beauty companies come up with to make us insecure enough to buy into.

3. (most)make-up is adding chemicals to your body doesn’t need or want. Ever read a label of your mascara, skin cream or foundation? I dare you… Chances are, you will find is a whole lot of chemical ingredients that you are slapping mindlessly on your skin every single day. Your skin absorbs these not-so-lovely ingredients, accumulating in your body, disrupting your hormones and thereby (guess what) giving you less than radiant skin & pimples (these chemicals have to leave the body somehow). Making the circle round.

4. This is a biggie. Wearing make-up doesn’t make you feel beautifull, actually, it is actually making you feel ugly. Say what?! Putting on make-up every single day is basically telling yourself every single day: “I am not good/beautiful enough. I need this “paint” to look presentable to the world.” If you are now feel yourself thinking: “but I just feel like I look better with make-up on.” That is still the same thing, you are basically still telling yourself you are not beautiful enough naturally. Well, you ARE! You don’t need to hide your face, your face is stunning as it is and more importantly, IT IS YOU!

5. Men don’t wear make-up. Why, is it that the half of the human population is supposed to wear some kind of paint on their faces every single day, while the other half would be ridiculed if they do? Are men that much more attractive than us woman naturally? Oh HELL NO!

6. Animals do not have to be torturedd for you to look good. You know how most big “beauty” zompanies test their products? On animals. Putting chemical substances in their eyes, on their bare skin, the products or ingredients are applied directly to the eyes, nose, and mouth, to determine whether, and in which amount, these cause allergic or other reactions. You know how nice it feels to get a little speck of shampoo coming to your eye. Imagine that being done to you about 50 times a day, to test when it’s actually causing long term damage. Even worse, they also test this on the animals raw flesh, durectly apllying it to open wounds. do your research before buying your beauty products. Bunnies are for cuddling, not for testing!

How to feel gorgeous without a speck of make-up

Stopping to wear make-up is gonna make you more confident, fearlessly authentic, free and beautiful than ever before!

I get it. Going out bareface can be scary. Almost every woman has gone to work bareface one day, may it be by accident, having overslept of having had a rough night out the night before. What happens? People ask you if you are sick, haven’t slept, are depressed and whatnot. Which only exemplifies the messages that make-up give you: “I am not beautiful enough without make-up”. The thing is, people are used to your face with make-up. They do not know you any other way. It will take some time for them -but also for yourself- to get used to your bare face. But when you do this is very empowering, giving you more freedom, confidence, authenticity, money and energy to focus on more important things  in life.

Moreover. Going bareface reveals who you really are. It is a very courageous act of being fearlessly authentic and I can not think of anything more genuine attractive and sexy as someone being unapologetically themselves!

“It is like saying to the world: this is me. Deal with it. I am not longer obeying to your irrational standards.  I am being awesome enough as I am,no special effects needed!”

Make-up to enhance your natural beauty? What is truely found attractive is health, bright eyes, vibrance, zest for life, glowing plump skin, a bright smile and a rosey healthy blush. We actuallly use make-up to  mimic these attributes.
– by putting on black mascara to make our eyes seem wider, opener and brighter
– Try to fake clear, radiant skin by putting on expensive creams & foundation
– Putting on blush to substitute that healthy-looking natural blush

I stopped trying to fake this and go for the real deal now instead.
* I now choose to get enough hours of sleep (beautysleep anyone?) and eat healthily;fresh, whole, fruits & veggies, which gives me  naturally bright and opener eyes.
* I do what I love every single day ;writing, dancing, cooking beautiful food & hanging out with people that lift my spirit, putting a sparkle in my eyes and makes me smile pretty much permanent.
Next to this I choose to hydrate my body with enough water and loads of fresh fruits and veggies, which gives me radiant, plump skin.
* I move my body in ways that I love, dancing trough life and grounding yoga, which gives me a strong, lean and healthy body.
Stop faking it and start making it!

And if you are worried that stop wearing make-up is gonna leave you manless. Don’t. Since I have stopped wearing make-up I haven’t stopped attracting men, quite the opposite in fact. Plus, I attract a totally different kind of men now. The kind of men who like me for me, who dig who I truely am. How come? Because I am no longer hiding they can “see” me.  Being more authentic and true to myself than ever before, without make-up to hide behind.

Not only do I spend less time and money, it also makes me worry a whole lot less:
never have to worry about rubbing my eyes no more, never have tocarry a make-up bag anywhere, never have to worry about scaring someone I’ve spend the night with the morning after the night before (my face will be just as scary as the night before:P), never have to be afraid to ruin my make-up when going swimming in the sea on a hot day or skinny dipping at night. Also, never have to worry about laughing so hard that I start crying, no mascara that will run all over my face. Less worrying more living!

And it’s just pretty awesome to give society fucked up standards and big advertisement companies the middle finger this way.  Am not gonna let you trick me any longer into feeling to ugly to out in public without first painting my face with your chemical bullshit!

“Become the message, change the world”

You know what to do with the money you save with not buying make-up? Buy high quality foods that will make your skin glow, get a yoga membership to feel awesome in your own body and spend your time with people that you can be fearlessly authentic with and who only lift you higher.

“Nothing substitutes real beauty. Zest for life. Sparkling eys. Radiant skin, a smile that lights the room. Shiny hair. That’s real. REAL gorgeous”

For your entertainment:

Some snaps of me before going bare: my fully made-up, bleached hair, overly tanned,  foundation slapped, insecure face:








I honestly believe not only feel but also look much better now without all that shit. Natural, bare face, free, healthy and (freakishly) happy! :D

Join the BareFace movement here.  Free yourself of the ridiculous expectations of society. Do you dare to go bare or not (yet)? Join the movement and receive tons of positive inspiration daily. Of becoming fearlessly authentic, feeling great in your body and embracing your feminity. You are a godess as you are, amazingly beautiful inside and out. About time to celebrate that!

The only way to change society is to realise we ARE society…!










 Talk to you lovelies soon!

XOXO Linda



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