Love the world into a better place


Love: all we ever were, all we ever wanted, all we need to get back to!

What we focus on grows.

Like hate will only result in  more hate,

Loving only creates more love…

We can’t go to war and expect peace!
It’s simply not how our world works…
Makes sense doesn’t it?

Why is it than that we still sabotage ourselves, every single day?! That we bash ourselves. Put ourselves down and talk badly about and to ourselves?! Self hate is everywhere. It’s socially accepted or worse, expected, nowadays.

While all we actually ALL truly want is love. Notice the (major) contradiction here? We are sabotaging ourselves majorly by hating on ourselves as much as we tend to.


I’ve been there (and beyond). People often underestimate how much self hatred is needed to make yourself throw up, (what my bulimic days looked like, pretty much for ten years straight). I was literally purging myself,  that is how bad I hated my own being and body.

Well…, after all those years, self hatred got me NOT so far, so I decided to change strategies. I slowly started to cultivate self love. Changing that inner voice from vicious to loving. And what can I say? It totally transformed my life, every aspect of it… I went from socially anxious, depressed and sick to vibrantly healthy, energetic and being as in love with life as I am today!

Step 1 – Realise you are worthy of your love. Heck, you owe it to yourself, and the rest of the world, to start loving yourself! Selflove is THE start of all you ever wanted. It is THE one thing that can and will transform your life. Guaranteed, and for FREE, naturally! (Jep, I might be happy, but  I’m still a total cheapskate;))

Selflove isn’t selfish, bullshit or only for the softies. It’s absolutely essential for becoming who we truly are and for achieving what we are ultimately here to do.

Step 2 – Decide to start loving yourself. That’s right, it is a decision. A decision you and only you can make for yourself. every single moment of every single day in every situation you will ever face. You can be your own worst enemy, or your own best lover. Pick wisely.

Step 3 – Unlearn selfhate. It has taken us all of our lives to cultivate our selfhate and most of us have become quite good at it, so it takes some time and effort to unlearn and let go of this. Catch yourself in the act. Like when you made a mistake and your mind  goes like “Fuck, I’m soooo stupid, how could I mess this up. again!” Catch it and  rephrase this into something like “How funny is it that I still did this even though I know this doesn’t serve me any more, looking forward to handling this situation diferently”.

Step 4 – start loving loving yourself. Reap the fruits. Feel how good it feels to treat yourself with love and kindness. How magnificent it is to care for yourself enough to create a life you love. Cause when you love yourself fully, you don’t deny yourself of doing the things that make you truely happy, you will start adding it into your life, more and more.

Step 5  – Not really a step anymore since by now it has become your second nature. You love yourself and created a life you love. You are so filled with love it just oozes out of you. You can’t help but shine, and become a loving inspiration for others.

And that folks, is exactly how we are gonna love this world into a better place!

You want this world to be a better place? Realise it starts with you, loving yourself. Cause we can never give the world that what we don’t have in abundance ourselves.


Lost you there? Let me (try) to explain:


If you love yourself fully; start talking and acting like you love yourself in every way, you WILL inevitably create a life you love. Cause you simply love yourself enough to make it happen.

And soon you will love yourself AND your life, thereby attracting EVEN more love into your life. Cause… what we focus on grows, pretty damn lovely, isn’t it?

You will be so filled up with love you can’t help but overflow. Radiate. Shine. Share.

And in no time, we will all be spreading love, like wildfire!

So…. Let’s start a reLOVEution. Start by loving yourself, live the life you love and  love it out!

Like one of my favorite quotes of one of my favorite writers says: “Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”

Go be the love you want to see in the world!

XOXO your forever idealist,



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