Love her but keep her wild

Sharing my truth and start living it… It’s been a long road and the closer I get the harsher the challenges I seem to face on this road! The pain, judgement and resentment this evokes in people so dear to me definately hurt me, but it’s come to a point that not living my truth is simply not an option anymore.

Slowly but surely we are breaking free of the emotional bondage so many women are still living in today, cause we apparantly still need to worry that we have to choose between being heard and being loved. That this is finally shifting, that more and more woman are starting to rise, sharing their truth, despite harsh opposition, and all over this planet, is incredibly inspiring to me…

We are here to be heard, not just to be pretty, we are here to make a big ass contribution to the healing of our world and the world needs us more now than ever to stand up and speak.

RISE and speak on the behalve of love. It’s all we need to turn this world around…

What is this truth that seems to get everyone upset?


I do not choose to be chained to only loving one man, to confine my love within those boundaries and close off my heart to other people just because a man I love can’t love me if I choose to open my heart to others. This is not the first time I faced this challenge in my life and I have given in so many times, making myself smaller to fit in bewteen the lines, so I am deserving his love. Two of my longest relationships broke of for the reason that eventually I couldn’t and wouldn’t fit myself in between these lines, and I just got left for this reason… again!

Men have quite a history of “owning” woman, making her dependant on him so she will stay with him. Making her feel small and unworthy, and only loveable if she behaves a certain way. It’s sooo deeply ingrained in men for sooo long that the mere thought for most man of not being able to control her, freaks them out immensely. Though men also agree and mourn about the fact the women has lost so much of her wildness, the wildness that initially attracted him to her. Her being totally and utterly herself, dancing barefoot as if no one is watching. She doesn’t do that anymore cause she has been told to behave a certain way, look a certain way, all in order to be lovable and not be judged.

Men, please understand, you can love a woman but never own her. For she is like a flower, that is incredibly beautiful in the field, dancing in the sunshine, moved by the wind, but when picked and put in a vase, she will welk fast and die slowly, her shine is lost quickly, and shortly you will feel the urge to go out and pick another, more vibrant and alive flower… Leaving both of you furstrated and hurt.

Do not fear of losing her when you let her be her wild self, for she will dearly love you for it and you will be able to enjoy her so much more!


I have been in more longterm relationships, all in which I was afraid to share my truth and hid it away like it was something shameful. Cause society told me it was, ESPECIALLY for a woman. I choose love over any relationship and I will choose love again. Over and over. Cause for me, love is the most beautiful thing in the world, the one thing that can never ever be too much of. In fact, I’m pretty damn sure it is the one thing that will heal this world. If we would all act from love in all of our actions, the world would instantly be a better place. Closing off my heart to other people will not help this cause, at all…


Cause no matter where you are from, what age you are, what background you have, all that binds us together is that all we all want is love. And whenever we are acting from love we inspire more love, not only in ourselves but also in the other, whom than will also be more likely to start acting more from love.. Creating a fuzzy snowball of love.

I choose love , and I so hope you do too!





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