presents of his presence

Present of presence. 

He just was there
again and again

No matter how much I despised the scared little boy within him

No matter how fast I ran when he showed me his anger

No matter how much I judged him being openly vulnerable

he was there
he stayed

No matter how many times I denied my love for him

No matter how often I ran off

No matter how hurt and confused he was by all of my crazy actions and whirlwinds of emotions

he stayed
and loving me

No matter how hard I fell again n again from my pink cloud of love into dark puddles of fear for life

No matter how desperate and overwhelmed with life I still often feel

somehow you are still there
as a big present present
loving me, endlessly

there are no words big enough to express my gratitude for the lessons your presence have given:

vulnerability is powerfully beautiful


unconditional love is real,

it is here,

it is, present. <3 

Thank you. thank you. thank you. 


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