Superfoodflowers, wild and free

A little dose of wild flowers calling my name.

I have been diving deep into the city again, the city of covering up my pain with all that can hold me down yet the flowers whisper.

They whisper, remember me?

Flowering flowers are the remembrance, guiding and showing me;

What will be will be, be flexible, don’t mind the wind.
Welcome the rain it will make you grow.
yes you will die but not really real, as my petals hit the ground I am as I ever was, so clearly part of it all.

Today I made a tea with these beautiful Roberts herb, which I am sipping on this very minute.

Herb robert is one of the wild growing superfoods around I am loving at the moment. It really does call my name, which isn’t a big surprise since I haven’t been feeling too healthy lately, being back in the city with all these fumes…

This miraculous plant ,used for ages by the monks as medicine for the people,
contains germanium, an antioxidant that holds the ability to make oxygen more available for our cells. More oxygen in turn helps our body to fight of invaders like viruses and pollution on it’s own powers, quickly and easily, naturally!

It is a pretty plant, with a fragrance that is hard to forget, it has purply stems, furry buds and delicately cute little pink flowers.

Try it as an immune boosting tea, or chop some leaves trough your salad or smoothie, decorate your cake with Robert flowers, and enjoy it’s taste and the benefits that reach far beyond.

Nature is brilliant, let us enjoy!


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