RECIPE Raw vegan sugar & gluten free mango date caramel pies

I never ever write wrote down  recipes, as I love to create all in the flow and just go by taste and feeling…  But somehow I am -finally?– getting into the habit of writing my creations down bit by bit, since I am getting more and more invites to give workshops, to pass on my tips and tricks in the (raw) vegan kitchen.

Which is fun, becauseI love sharing my passion and YES you TOTALLY can create tastebudsblowing food from plants; such an abundance of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and flowers around!

The first one I’m posting is one of my most loved pies, hope you enjoy making -and gulping them up- just as much as I do!19510113_1732960373399888_6828349579019824261_n

Love, Linda



12 mini pies(in muffin tin) or one big pie with 12 slices

Soft dates 500 gram

Glutenfree oatmeal 200 gram

lemon 1 whole ones- using zest and juice so use organic 

Celtic seasalt 1 tablespoon 

vanilla 1 bean or one teaspoon of vanilla powder

coconut oil 300 gram (softened)

water 100 gram 

psylium husk 1 1/2 tablespoon

Mango 2 whole ones, flesh cubed



Soft dates 250 gram

Oatmeal 200 gram

lemon zest halve a lemon 

celtic seasalt 1 teaspoon


  • process oatmeal till fine in a blender or food processor
  • add the oatmeal “flour” to a large bowl
  • add in the rest of the ingredients and kneed till you have an even doughy consistency
  • voila, base done. 

Mini pies in muffintin

  • make sure you coat your muffin tins with thin stripes op baking paper so you can easily lift them out later
  • Divide dough into 12 little bals en press them down in the muffin tins evenly

One Big pie

  • If using a big pie pan dust the bottom with some extra oatmeal or oatmeal flour to prevent from sticking
  • press down the dough evenly 



Soft dates 250 gram

vanilla 1/2 bean or halve a teaspoon of vanilla powder

coconut oil 125 gram (softened)

water 100 gram 

psylium husk 1/2 tablespoon

celtic seasalt 1/2 tablespoon 


  • add all ingredients except psylium in a food processor -or even better, in a high speed blender – and blend till smooth, 
  • add in the psilium and blend till incorporated well
  • divide over the 12 mini pies, or even out one layer when using a big pie pan.


Mango 2 whole ones, flesh cubed

Lemon zest of 1 lemon and juice of 2 

coconut oil 175 grams (softened)

psylium husk 1 tablespoon 

vanilla 1/2 bean or halve a teaspoon of vanilla powder

  • Add all ingredients in blender or food processor and blend till super smooth.

*make sure ingredients are sort of the same temperature, as the coconut oil stiffens up (too) fast if you add in very cold mango pieces

  • let the mixture slowly cool in the fridge, stir every 3 minutes for about 3x
  • when firm enough to pipe, put the mixture in a piping bag and create a beautiful frosting.
  • If low on time or faith, omit the slow cooling process and pour the mixture straight from the blender over the pie(s)
  • decorate with wildflowers, coconut slivers or anything else that has your fancy
  • refrigerate for about 1,5 ours
  • Enjoy & share your masterpieces 

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