I believe in nature – biophilia

The term “Biophilia” has been defined in different ways.

“love of life”

“the deep affiliations we humans have with nature, rooted in our biology”

“the interconnectedness troughout all of nature”

“the attraction to all that is alive and vital”

I firmly believe that the natural state of all humans  is one of vibrant health and happiness.


I firmly believe the way to reach this vibrant state of health and happiness is as simple, and yet as comprehensive, as obeying to nature.

 Living healthily is not meant to be hard, nature is designed in such a way that it is amazingly simple to be and stay healthy.

Our big human brain is standing in the way to some extend, as we overcomplicate rely too much on our “thinking” rather than our “feeling”. Thereby overriding our innate mammal instincts. Think about it:no other species on this planet is so overweight, depressed, stressed and sick as the human race is increasingly getting. – Except for our pets and the animals people raise in captivity, away from their natural habitats and natural food choices.

We -as all mammals- are designed  to instincitvely choose for what builds our health(read:biophilia;we are attracted to what is most alive and vital). All we have to do to turn our health around is to reconnect to this inner instinct.

And not only do we as humans thrive on this kind of lifestyle, so does our natural surrounding,all other species, our climate & the world. Cause all in nature is interconnected, the only word that can fully describes this awesome phenomen is -ofcourse- “biophilia”.

Nature is unlimited in brilliancy, power, beauty, abundance and it’s about time we (re)start understanding nature is not only surrounding us but is what we are made of. Once we are able to fully grasp this concept, we realize that we have to take care of ourselves by honouring nature instead of fighting it.

I love my path of (re)connecting to nature and love sharing this with you in several ways:

Wild superfood tours


(raw) vegan catering, workshops and (un)cooking for retreats in Holland and Ibiza

holistic health coaching 




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