My ultimate summerlove: summerfruits

In love with summertime and the abundance of sweet, juicy, fresh, local, seasonal fruits it provides.
Afraid of fruits and fruitsugars? STOP! Have some trust in nature. Nature doesn’t grow these fragrant, colourful, sweet, juicy, hydrating vitamin-bombs in abundance by accident in this season.

Nature has no ulterior motives, it simply provides. It’s only motive is simple: to keep you healthy & happy, naturally!



Shake the dust + little update

The only one who can set you free is…YOU! Choose to shake the dust of your past.. Way to heavy to cfruuitsarry around with you on your life journey! Feel the lightness this brings, and how much more effortless breathing in the fresh air of your future becomes.. Exhilerating!

Read on to find out what I have been upto lately and how you can receive free  simple yummy & healthy recipe inspiration!

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What are you REALLY hungry for?


Whether it is a hunger for experience, recognition,  relaxation, safety or love… Often though,  this hunger is misinterpreted for physical hunger. And that is EXACTLY what emotional eating is… responding on non-physical hunger with (physical) food.  

The problem here  is: no amount of food is ever going to satisfy this hunger, cause it is simply NOT what you are hungry for.

Read on to find out:
  Why we tend “eat” our emotions &  how to break free from emotional eating once and for all!

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You are more than beautiful

beautyAs women , we are valued more on what we look like than on what we do, say and are.
And that is TOTALLY screwed!

I am so over feeling insecure about the way that I look. It is NOT the most important thing about me!

Why do we invest so much time & money trying to fit the unrealistic standards media has set that will always leaves us feeling miserable since we are never going to reach reaching this false image of “perfection”?

Good question!



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Water & it’s amazing health benefits!


More and more people are starting to re-think what they put into their body food-wise(and that’s awesome). But… food is not the most important  thing we consume on a daily bases. When you stop and think about it seewaterms obvious. We can go without food for around a month, but water only a few days!

Water is the foundation of life. When looking for life on other planets the first thing we do is investigate if there is water or ever was water. As it’s water that generates life on the planet.

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The most important lover you will ever have in your lifetime – yourself

Love is the most beautiful and precious gift you can ever give someone. Including yourself.

LOVE. The most powerful four letter word. Much more powerful than the other powerful four letter word: HATE.cranberries

Like Martin Luther King  so beautifully put “Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”  

Still, self-hate is sadly something that seems to be very common. Focussing on loving yourself is the one thing you can do for yourself which will help you to thrive in all areas of your life.  Make a conscious effort to stop the self-hate and start loving yourself as of today.

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How interconnected health & happiness really are



When people proofread my first posts I received the comment that putting health and happiness in one sentence could be seen at as to ambiguous and “floaty floaty”.

While of course I do not agree (I am stubborn that way) I feel some explanation on this relation might be in place….

Your health and happiness are closely linked and  interconnected(like everything in nature). When you feel happy, you will be healthier and when you are healthy, you will be happier.

Think about this: when you are sick, how is your mood? And when you are newly in love, how is your energy level? Continue reading