Wild superfood tours

The power of nature is incredible. The power of the untouched, wild nature is beyond…


Time to take back control and pick our own, local, wild, free and incredible powerhouses of nutrition. Local wild superfoods are where it’s at!

There is an absolute abundance of herbs, mosses, flowers, berries, nuts and seeds with amazing health benefits right in front of us that most of us just do not recognise (anymore).

Nature is brilliant and holds no ulterior motives whatsoever, it will provide us with everything we need to thrive and be our healthiest and happiest self. Wherever we are in the world, whatever climate we are in and whatever season it is, nature will supply.

I love to invite you to join me on one of my wild herb superfood tours and show you the wondrous world of wild edibles & reconnect to the power of the wild nature, together. 

More info on upcoming events and dates coming soon. 

Requests for a walk? shoot me an e-mail on biophiliabylinda@gmail.com